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Woman biting on the tip of the condom which can lead to condom failure and rupture duing penetration
Stealthing is a deceptive and dangerous practice which can involve an individual strategically damaging a condom before intercourse or the removal of the condom during intercourse. In the practice of condom stealthing, either party can be the deceptive one it can be the male or female engaging in this deceptive practice and exposing to STD’s or unwanted pregnancies.

Female Stealthing

Females who engage in stealthing do it for a number of reasons, some women enjoy sex without a condom since it feels better to them. Some women want to intentionally transmit a sexuality transmitted disease to a partner. And other women want to get intentionally pregnant for economic benefits or to force a partner to stay with her. There can be a number of other reasons why women intentionally want the condom to break but these are the main reasons why women stealth.

Women who stealth do it by poking holes or biting the condom prior to use or apply oil based lubricants so the condoms will break during penetration. This is done without the consent or knowledge of her male partner. By poking holes with a needle, biting or apply oil based lubricants, the condoms rupture during penetration, thus exposing men to potential sexual diseases, getting a woman pregnant without his knowledge.

Male Stealthing

Males who engage in stealthing do it for similar reasons as women, some men enjoy sex without a condom. Other men might have a sexually transmitted disease and want to spread it to their sexual partner. Some men might feel they are losing their partner and want them to intentionally get pregnant to have a child between them.

Men who stealth use the same techniques to rupture condoms, either by poking holes into the condom with needles which will cause them to break during penetration. The use of oil based lubricants which will wreck the integrity of the condom. And the intentional removal of the condom without the knowledge of his partner. This is usually done in the rear penetration such as doggystyle sex position where his partner is not looking or unaware of the male partner having removed the condom.


Stealthing is a dangerous practice which can lead to deadly consequences defeating the purpose of condom use. You can get infected with HIV or other STD’s, unwanted pregnancies as well as social and economic problems.

  1. You should get to know your partner before engaging in sex and their true intentions. You should also take your own condoms and not rely on your partner if you have doubts.
  2. Ask and demand that your partner get an HIV and STD’s test prior to having any sex with him or her, its your life, protect yourself.

Stealthing may be illegal in certain regions and countries around the world. Do not engage in these activities and always know with who you have sex. Stealthing is something done by both genders, its not one gender related, both men and women who engage in this deceptive practice run around the same percentage.